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Looking for an Individual  Health Policy that provides great benefits at a very fair price?  Then click here to get a CIGNA quote 

Welcome to our web site.  I have been specializing in group and individual health insurance for 15 yearsEntering the insurance business in 1968 I find there are incredible changes being made every year in our industry.  We keep up to date changes on our website so  you can see what is happening in our field.  Currently there is a big push on making changes in health insurance in Congress.  We will follow that for you and give you the latest information in our News and Events section.

All of our insurance products can be purchased by bank withdrawal, credit cards and some by monthly payments  Health products require credit card information to get the underwriting process started.  Health insurance can be applied for by clicking on insurance company and going to the application page.  An e-signature would complete the application.